5 Things You Need To Make Your Next Function Great

If you want your next function to be great and to stand out from the rest, then you need to start organising it ahead of time. One of the most important things you need to keep in mind when doing so is that the function venues in Wellington are designed for many types of function including a formal parties, such as a corporate party, a banquet, wedding or social events such as a high school party. Here are five important things that you will need to for a great and unforgettable function: 

1. A Chocolate Fountain

If you really want to take your guests by surprise, then you can never go wrong with a chocolate fountain. Simply put, this is a functional and decorative device that is designed for serving chocolate fondue – it can measure up to four feet in height and it has a large basin at the bottom, which is heated in order to keep the chocolate liquid. The reason why the chocolate waterfall appeals to people is because they can dip strawberries or marshmallows into the chocolate, which is a delicious treat!

2. A Swedish Buffet 

Swedish buffets are a lot more popular for formal banquets and functions, as opposed to the traditional pre-established menus, and for a good reason – this type of open buffet allows the guests to simply pick their favourite foods. The diners can serve themselves or they can order the staff to bring them a specific type of food, which can be either hot or cold, depending on the format of the buffet. In addition to this, you can also opt for what is known as a “Finger buffet”, which is also particularly popular for formal functions, and which may contain foods on cocktail sticks, cupcakes, pastries and such. Diners get to select the desired food type and portions, and everybody is happy!

3. Hire A Good Dj And Invest In Special Effects

Music is essential for every social event, regardless of its profile, and nobody likes a pre-set playlist that goes on by itself. A good and skilled DJ can easily adjust the playlist depending on the type of guests that attend the party, and he can also synch the music and the special effects (lights, smoke machine and such). 

4. An Open Bar

It is a known fact that two of the things that can make or break your banquet or formal social event are the foods and drinks that you will be serving, this is why it is best to opt for an open bar in your  conference centre in Wellington. Simply put, the open bar is the opposite of the cash bar, and it allows guests to simply go and pick their favourite drink for free. These services are often used by the same catering company that provides the food for the Swedish buffet, and a good open bar should serve all types of liquor, along with non-alcoholic drinks.

5. Live Music

The final ingredient for an unforgettable function is live music. Fortunately, this can be quite affordable these days, and the good news is that you do not have to hire a singer the for the entire night, as a couple of hours should be enough to keep the guests entertained and happy!

To conclude, the "party features" should be chosen in such a manner that they match the overall decor and purpose of the function venue you have opted for, and if you aim for a corporate or a business party, then you should know that there are many conference venues in Palmerston North to choose from!